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A constructive step ahead

Swojas Group has launched its Redevelopment Division to elevate living experiences to greater heights. In addition to offer better and classy construction, the Group aims at delivering comprehensive lifestyles in and around Pune at premium and well connected locations.

The name Swojas has always been synonymous with aesthetics, detailing, lifestyle, luxury, affordability and trust. The Redevelopment Division is poised to take this vision and mission forward by creating classy and contemporary lifestyles through various redevelopment projects catering to all sections of the society.

The Group has total transparency regarding all formalities such as assessing the redevelopment possibilities, architectural design, finance, relocation strategy and legal documentation. We commit to take our benchmark quality a notch higher to build a better home, with better amenities and best in class specifications. With the backing of our values, quality and legacy we assure you of an excellent quality construction and an enduring bond of mutual trust and look forward to your response.

Redevelopment FAQ's

Which basic documents are required for initial study or feasibility study?
We require a) Copy of Old Sanctioned Plan b) Property Card c) Area Statement of existing members d) Conveyance Deed.
What if we do not have a sanctioned plan or have misplaced it?
A copy can be obtained from Municipal Corporation from their old records.
What do you mean by A Zone / Gaothan / Congested Area?
A Zone area indicates Gaothan area or Congested area. TDR is not permissible to be used in this zone. Redevelopment is possible only if there is sufficient balance FSI.
What if the Share certificate is misplaced?
You need to contact Society officials to get duplicate share certificate.
What would we do if the old flat agreement is lost / misplaced?
A copy of old flat agreement can be obtained from the concerned Sub-registrar office in your area.
What if the flat owner dies and if the flat is not transferred on the name of his heir, what should be the procedure?
Usually after consulting the legal advisor of the Society, the required legal procedure is followed and the share certificates are issued in the name of the nominee. Thereafter the necessary changes can be made to the Development agreement to accommodate the name of the nominee. In the case of an Apartment, the ownership of the flat has to be obtained in the name of the heir/nominee by executing documents specified by the legal advisor.
What would a Member do if he has any loan / mortgage on their flats
Member has to repay the existing loan and take a fresh housing loan from any Bank or can take NOC ( No Objection Certificate ) from the current Bank before execution of the Development Agreement.
If the member have spent on new furniture / interiors of flat?
Developer could see the feasibility of any financial compensation is possible or not, otherwise it would have to be dismantled and used in the new flat.
What if any member is a defaulter for society dues and have court matter for it?
The court matter can go on indipendantly, If the defaulting member is willing to be a part of the redevelopment process & willing to sign the redevelopment agreement & other relevant documents. Ideally it would be good if the matter is settled mutually understanding.
If there is no consent of all the Members for redevelopment.
The law states that the unwilling members cannot stop the redevelopment process. Court matter could delay the redevelopment process. Better to take redevelopment decision unanimously.
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